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Background and Services of Adera Medical center

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Adera Medical Center PLC was established by the leadership of Dr. Abate Bane who is a consultant Internist and Gastroenterologist /Hepatologist, and Associate professor of medicine at the Addis Ababa University (AAU) medical school of black lion Hospital (BLH) . He did his undergraduate and post graduate specialty trainings at the same school while he studied his subspecialty at Leipzig University in Germany.

It is established with a vision to provide standard quality service and training in the field of medicine specially to fill the gap of the great demand of Gastroenterology /Hepatology services in the country . It is a multi- system and equipped with modern semi and fully automated laboratory facilities 3D/4D Doppler Sonography (ultrasound) machine , computerized radiological machine(CR machine) having fluoroscopy for diagnostic and interventional radiological studies , and modern adult and pediatric video endoscopy and colonoscopy machine. It is located around bole road behind flamingo restaurant on the way to exhibition center in front of Dantechnocraft.

Current the centers also tendering other services in the fields of General Medicine surgery neurology (Ultrasound, Sonography and Radiology and X- Ray) endoscopy, colonoscopy, ERCP, Physiotherapy, General Laboratory, outpatient and services. Ambulance, General medical Checkup and 24 hour Emergency services, Hepatitis B and C diagnoses and treatment as well as free ART and TB treatment with counseling services. By well known specialist majority of whom are from the Addis Ababa University medical school in addition to its 60 regular staff for patients referred from Addis Ababa and various regions of the country.

Currently the center provided various services in the fields of General Medicine surgery ENT, orthopedist oncology, neurology, ultra, Sonography, Endoscopy, colonoscopy, ERCP, Physiotherapy, General Laboratory as well as Outpatient and Inpatient services for patients referred from Addis Ababa and various regions of the country.

The Center provided high tech life saving emergency endoscopic treatments like vertical band ligation, Injections to control bleeding from GI lesions and Endoscopy foreign body removal. It also provides bed, ambulance, General medical checkup and 24 hour emergency services.

The center is also working to promote these and other specialty services in collaboration with International sister Institutions in Egypt, Canada, Norway, Germany, USA and India.